Rey’s Force abilities revealed in Star Wars Battlefront II beta


The beta for Star Wars: Battlefront II delivers in a big way, displaying the Force powers of Rey…

Star Wars Battlefront II is definitely filling the void until The Last Jedi arrives on December 15, kicking off with the beta. It provides gamers with a large variety of game modes until the official game itself, drops next month.

The beta has more than delivered, giving players these game-play features. This is also the largest beta EA has ever done, with access to these features:

  • Galactic Assault/Arcade Mode on Naboo
  • Strike mode on Takodana
  • Starfighter Assault above Fondor.

In the beta, you can play as Rey, where we discover some added Force abilities of the Jedi in training in the upcoming The Last Jedi, which recently surfaced on Imgur:

"Rey’s abilites in Battlefront 2 from StarWarsLeaks"

If you need help deciphering this Matrix-like coding, let me help you out:

Rey’s abilities revealed so far via Star Wars Battlefront II beta:

  1. Jedi Mind Trick
  2. Jedi Vision
  3. Dash Strike

The first one — Jedi Mind Trick — we saw on full display The Force Awakens, which aided in Rey escaping from Starkiller Base and should be a fun addition to the game-play mode.

Jedi Vision apparently gives Rey the ability to reverses the opposing player’s joystick directions. And, Dash Strike allows Rey to see through walls, giving her the intuition with sensing pending trouble.

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Rey’s training will be in full effect in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where she potentially will learn these Force powers, and more.

You can also pre-order Star Wars: Battlefront II here, with the beta still available until this coming Monday, and the official game will drop on November 17.