Star Wars Forces of Destiny is Destined to Teach Kids Great Lessons

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“The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small shape us into Forces Of Destiny” – Maz Kanata

I cannot stress enough how much I love that Forces of Destiny exists. The episodes are short and the plot lines are simple, but their potential for impact is huge. Little boys have had so many shows over the years that showcased the heroic actions of men; now, little girls have a show that does the same for women.

Though this series is obviously targeting young girls, I think that it should be watched by all. Female empowerment is something that should be universally appreciated and supported and Star Wars offers an avenue through which to do just that.

In the first three episodes available on Disney’s YouTube, we see Sabine, Ketsu, Rey, and Ahsoka. It’s so fun to hear familiar voices and see familiar faces as we embark on these short, but exciting, adventures. Let’s recap some of the highlights and lessons we learn alongside some of our favorite Star Wars ladies.