Star Wars Forces of Destiny is Destined to Teach Kids Great Lessons

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Episode 1: New Recruit

In this episode, Ketsu and Sabine bring the action and the sass as they attempt to steal food for the rebellion. Ketsu – who is unsure about whether she wants to officially join the rebellion – laments the fact that this mission is boring and Sabine kindly reminds her:

“It’s not always about excitement, sometimes it’s about helping people in need” – an important lesson for anyone to learn. However, their mission soon becomes exceptionally interesting when they find themselves in the position of needing to rescue a small creature (that looks a lot like it was inspired by Stitch from Disney’s Lillo and Stitch).

As the two hold off a barrage of stormtroopers, Sabine calls for Hera to come pick them up. As per usual, she swoops in in the nick of time and pulls them out of the tight spot they’ve found themselves in.

The episode ends with Ketsu allowing Sabine to spray paint her armor with the rebel insignia. She has finally officially joined the rebellion. As Ketsu reaches up and brushes her fingers over Sabine’s artwork, you can tell that a significant change has come over her.

I love that she makes this choice to join the rebellion because of this mission. Though it may seem at first glance like it’s the excitement of the mission that inspires Ketsu, I think it’s that she realizes how much those operating within the rebellion value life. She sees this and recognizes that this is the kind of movement she wants to be a part of.