We dissect The Last Jedi trailer in our screencap breakdown

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Force awakens within Rey.

Speaking of something special, more than just a lonely scavenger, Rey has untapped, immense power within the Force as well.

Anytime the Skywalker blue blade ignites, it still gives me chills. The Lucasfilm story group also confirmed that this very weapon is now referred to as “Rey’s lightsaber”, so we will see how that comes to pass. Will Luke give her Anakin’s former blade, while he takes up the green blade from Return of the Jedi? We can only hope so!

We return to the ocean world of Ahch-To, where we pick up where The Force Awakens left off, with Rey and a (seemingly) emotional Luke Skywalker. This scene here is the exact one from the original trailer released back in April at Star Wars celebration, but we take a closer look:

The Last Jedi begins, where The Force Awakens ends.

"Rey: Something inside has always been there."

The seasoned Jedi Master takes possession of what started his heroes journey nearly 40 years ago.