We dissect The Last Jedi trailer in our screencap breakdown

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The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

The Falcon is back in action, being pursued by TIE fighters of the First Order. Chewie has moved one seat over into the pilot’s chair, with a cute porg as the new co-pilot. This presents the question of how do Luke and Rey get off the island if Chewie is flying solo (pun intended)?

If I remember correctly, there used to be two porgs in previous images with Chewie in the Falcon. Maybe the Wookiee got hungry for a midnight snack?

"We have a spark that will light the fire that will burn the First Order down."

With the fate of Leia hanging in the balance, Poe is now taking charge of the Resistance.

What we have all been waiting for, the chromed-Captain in action, taking on Finn…

…who is no longer playing around. Finn was once the most promising student of Captain Phasma, but have the table’s turned? Has the learner surpassed the teacher in combat?

That armor is so on point.

How can we forget about the lovable BB-8? Sure hope his circuits aren’t fried, with all of the classified information he holds.

There is the word “war” in “Star Wars“, where the First Order and the Resistance are playing for keeps, with control of the galaxy at stake. Unlike the Original Trilogy, no one group has the upper hand, where both the Dark and Light are on an even playing field.