Dork Side Comic Review: Meet the Inquisitors in Darth Vader #6

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Always two there are

Palpatine then excuses the Inquisitor, using this as a teaching moment for his Apprentice. He encourages Vader that he is worthy to be his student and that the Inquisitor was no match for his strength, reminding him that the rule of two is always trying to snuff out any and all weakness. He then takes Vader to the Works, which we first saw at the end of Attack of the Clones, revealing to his learner of some very important and Dark (Side) plans that have been in the works for years. He also reminds Vader that even though he has these new assassins, they are the only two Sith in the entire galaxy.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Apparently, Palpatine has been kidnapping Force-sensitive children for years — see The Clone Wars animated series for more details — turning and corrupting them to the Dark Side, killing some and keeping a select few to serve his evil plans. Vader’s role in all this is to lead these group, which we see a total of six in this issue. Their sole purpose is to seek out any surviving Jedi throughout the galaxy, which the Emperor still sees as the greatest (and only) threat to his power.

I love how this comic run really develops and show the relationship between Vader and his Master, revealing much of Palpatine’s motives. At this point, the Sith Master is disappointed in Vader’s failure on Mustafar, but uses it to his advantage, knowing that Vader is too weak to overthrow him now. At the same time, Vader shows shades of that betrayal, which Palpatine welcomes since it embraces the Sith Code.

The issue ends changing settings, showing us a seasoned Jedi Master, who you might recognize from Episode II and the Clone Wars era.