Possible villains for Star Wars: Han Solo


With the recent rumors of a Han Solo trailer dropping at any moment, it makes us wonder what villains the scruffy looking scoundrel could face off against…

While we are all anxiously awaiting The Last Jedi, Ron Howard has been frivolously working away at the next Star Wars movie, the stand-alone Han Solo film, that still hasn’t been given its own title, projected to hit the big screens on May 25th. We know very little about it as of right now, but the closer we get, the more information regarding characters, timelines and best of all, villains we will be given. Who are the top villains we would like to see in the Han Solo movie?

Boba Fett 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The most obvious one would be Boba Fett. We all know that Solo and Fett have a history of working together under the space gangster, Jabba the Hutt. It could be true at some point that maybe they were friends or at least acquaintances. Then obviously Boba chose money over friendship when the Empire put a bounty on Solo’s head, while the smuggler went more and more in debt — he needs to have a chat with Dave Ramsey. This could also be a segway for a Boba Fett standalone or even nix the idea completely, with the notorious bounty hunter appearing in this film instead of having his own.

Jabba the Hutt 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Now maybe people don’t really view Jabba as a villain but more of a freelancing trader of illegal goods. This movie though could present another side of Jabba we haven’t seen yet. Yes, he has murdered before but we could possibly see more gangster like actions from him in the movie. We know from the Obi-Wan story arcs in the Marvel: Star Wars comics of what Jabba is capable of, being a complete slimy slug and not a wonderful human being.

Darth Vader

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The infamous Dark Lord himself could be given a part in this movie. With the timeline Disney/Lucasfilm has chosen for this movie, it would only make sense that Darth Vader himself would be present in this film. Han Solo having a run in with Vader while smuggling some illegal goods for Jabba would make total sense and not be “Forced.” This could even be the reference he makes to Jabba regarding that “even I get boarded”, whenever he dumps the goods, making Jabba very upset.

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