25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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17. Mini-series of the Rebel/Imperial battles

Let’s be honest. While we all love the romance and drama in the Star Wars stories, but what we love the most are the epic space battles. This is one of the reasons the Clone Wars series is so exciting; it highlights the exciting battles that take place in space and on a variety of fascinating worlds within the galaxy.

There are so many imperial battles that take place and we get to see so few of them. A mini-series covering some of the epic battles that take place during the Empire’s reign would make for a highly exciting and visually impressive show. I would certainly watch it!

I’m sure we would all love to see the battle of Jakku. This is the final significant battle of the Galactic Civil war and it is a pivotal moment for the Rebellion. This is where the Rebellion secures their victory! Such an important battle and yet we never see a visual representation of it.

We get a little taste of that battle in the book Empire’s End, but seeing that unfold in live-action would be epic. That would also tie into the origins of Poe Dameron — more on him later — with both of his parents heavy players within the final battles of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Also, a significant amount of the action in The Force Awakens revolves around Jakku, so it’d be nice to get a little background on that. Maybe it would even give us a little insight into Rey’s past and heritage (something we are all dying to know more about)!