25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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14. Republic Commando (cop show style)

Though the 2005 video game for the original Xbox is no longer canon, Lucasfilm could resurrect this classic story by bringing it to the small screen. The game featured an elite unit of Clonetroopers, dubbed the Delta Squad, that is tasked by Republic strategists with assassinating some of the Separatists’ key leaders.

Some of the missions conflict with canon storylines in the Clone Wars animated series, so the plot would have to be tweaked, but the concept would probably be well-received by fans. There is already a canon version of the Delta Squad, the Arc Troopers, that appears in both Clone Wars series. Anything with clones, enforcing the law — especially both — is must-see TV.

I believe this show would be awesome in a “cop show” style. Each episode could feature a different planet, city, or setting. When I say cops, I mean the actual show Cops, which would be a fun way of displaying the scum and villainy in the galaxy but do it in a fun way. Odds are that level 1515 would be heavily showcased in this styled show. “Bad boys, bad boys…”