25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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9. Rebels style show about beginning of first order/the beginning of the resistance

A series that focuses in equal parts on the development of the First Order and the Resistance would be an awesome series! We know a little bit about the origins of the First Order. What we don’t know is how the movement consolidated under Snoke. Essentially, the First Order is a resurrection of the Empire, which at first glance seems like a somewhat cheap copy of what happens in A New Hope. However, perhaps if we got the background would have a better understanding of the whole thing and it would be a far more enjoyable thing for fans.

It would also be interesting to see how the resistance was formed. And I think all fans would love to see how Princess Leia becomes General Leia. She is a hero I would be excited to follow in a TV series about this time period. Leia was never a damsel in distress and always an empowering women who is able to take matters into her own hands. We learn that firsthand in the novel Leia by Claudia Gray, where we see her development and strong, yet caring personality grow. Seeing those aspects in live-action or via animation would be a perfect addition to the epic book.