25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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25. Darth Maul

In my humble opinion, Darth Maul is the coolest Sith in the Star Wars canon. I’m so glad they found a way to bring him back in Clone Wars and Rebels (however impossible it is for someone to be chopped in half and survive) because I always felt like he did not get his due time in The Phantom Menace. With barely any dialogue, Darth Maul is the most underrated villain in the Star Wars canon.

Maul reminds me a lot of Anakin in some ways. He’s erratic and daring, which are two of the character traits that simultaneously make Anakin a great leader in the Clone Wars and lead him to his ultimate destruction.

I think that this series should focus on, not only Darth Maul’s life after his inexplicable revival, but also his sad beginnings. In his youth, he was taken from his home planet of Dathomir and trained to be a Sith Lord by Darth Sidious. I think the background of the Sons of Dathomir is so fascinating and sad. We see a little more of this later in the Clone Wars series, but I would love to see that explored intricately in a full-fledged series surrounding the character of Darth Maul.