25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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7. Freedom Fighters on Ryloth

Ryloth is such a heart-breaking planet. The Twi’lek people are some of the most oppressed and exploited in the galaxy. They are habitually forced into various forms of slave labor and their planet is exploited for its spice mines.

Think about how many Twi’lek women are portrayed as sex slaves throughout the Star Wars canon. In Lords of the Sith, we get a glimpse into the seedy underworld of Ryloth where there are numerous brothels where imperials go to exploit the Twi’lek women.

We get a brief glimpse into Cham Syndulla’s resistance on Ryloth in Clone Wars and a more detailed (but still brief) glimpse in the novel Lords of the Sith. It is a highly-sophisticated operation that has taken years of recruitment and clever maneuvering to form.

Cham’s resources run deep and he has a highly competent team of Twi’lek leaders who help him come up with highly complex missions that have put a significant amount of pressure on the Empire and shut down a significant portion of their spice mining operations.

The novel Lords of the Sith gives great insight into these characters and the difficulties that come with being part of a covert movement. I think that a series in the animation style of Clone Wars would be a fascinating addition to the Star Wars canon. Even though the operation on Ryloth is just a small pocket of the resistance against the Empire, it carries a lot of weight.

The end of the Lords of the Sith shows Cham Syndulla having come to the realization that he must focus on the bigger picture. To free Ryloth he must focus on freeing the galaxy from the Empire. I would love to see more about the rise of this Twi’lek hero! Did you also know that Mace Windu has a folklore song named after him? It would be a nice touch to actually hear it within an episode.