25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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6. Knights of the Old Republic

I only have to utter the word KOTOR to speak volumes. Lucasfilm, for some reason, is keeping this era in their back pocket. Within our limited knowledge, they could already be developing a movie or even a series. Which brings us me to our next idea.

Have you ever wanted to see the Sith as legion? Or watch the epic journey of Revan’s constant see-saw from the Dark Side to the Light? Yeah, me too. There are so many ideas, planets, and training sequences this era TV show could provide.

The stories of ancient Sith Lords and Jedi could go on for season after season. Although not technically KOTOR, (Darth) Bane could be a way to close the series out, with the Sith tearing each other apart from the inside, leaving just one lone survivor.

What are you waiting for Lucasfilm? We want KOTOR material, even if it’s just comics and novelizations, but what we really want is a mature, adult-centered TV series. Make this happen, ASAP!