25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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1. Ahsoka’s unfinished tales

I feel like this one almost goes without saying. I have not been secretive about that fact that I absolutely love Ahsoka Tano. We get to see her grow from a young, untested Padawan eager to prove herself and watch her blossom into a self-possessed woman who walks about away from the Jedi order. When I watched the Untold Stories panel (if you haven’t watched it, go watch it RIGHT NOW), I cried.

I love what Dave Filoni was hoping to do with Ahsoka, had Clone Wars continued. After watched that panel, I felt a little robbed. I, along with every other Ahsoka fan, would have loved to see Ahsoka find her way in the underworld of Coruscant, find romance (I’m a little salty about the fact that this romance didn’t involve Lux Bonteri, but oh well), and eventually lead her own troops on Mandalore.

That is perhaps the scene I would like to see the most. It would be so beautiful to see those Stormtrooper helmets painted with replicas of Ahsoka’s face tattoos. That concept is such a beautiful tribute to Ahsoka’s growth throughout The Clone Wars series and these moments are why we love Dave Filoni so much!

Ideally, this show would pick up right after Ahsoka walks away from the Jedi temple and would go all the way up until the moment she shows up as Fulcrum in Rebels. This would tie up all the loose ends connected to her story and it would give us the opportunity to see the last moment that Filoni meant for Anakin and Ahsoka to share.

When they meet up on Mandalore Anakin has the opportunity to tell Ahsoka how proud he is of her and all she’s learned and accomplished. This is a moment we need to see!

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