25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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24. Younglings animated series

There were a few episodes in The Clone Wars that focused on some very plucky younglings. It allowed us to see some of the cool things that younglings go through as a part of their training. In one episode, the group of younglings goes to Illum where they find the crystals for the lightsabers.

Before that, there wasn’t a film that showcased the way that Jedi got their sabers. I think it would be really interesting to have a series that focused on the younglings training. This would give viewers a lot of insight into the process of becoming a Jedi.

Perhaps we could even follow a particular group of younglings through their training and follow them into their Padawan years and eventually to their Jedi Knight years. One reason that a lot of people love Harry Potter is that you get to watch Harry grow up.

It would be cool to recreate that effect with younglings in the Star Wars Universe. Getting to see them grow and develop would be an awesome thing for fans. We get to see that a little bit with Anakin, but there are large chunks of his Jedi upbringing that we miss.

I think this would do well as a live action show. It could be a Disney style show that appeals to tween audiences. Having a group of young Jedi they get to “grow up