25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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23. C-3PO and R2 mini-series

While C-3P0 might be considered annoying by some, it is universally accepted that R2D2 is one of the most beloved characters of all time. I know for a fact that R2 D2 is one of Ashley Eckstein’s favorite characters in the whole series and that alone makes him awesome. I think that a Forces of Destiny style show (one that ranges between 2 – 3 minutes) would do incredibly well. Children especially love this dynamic duo and I think the show would do really well if geared toward children.

The Clone Wars series briefly explores a variety of events with these two (and the occasional ancillary) droids. These adventures showcase the bravery and importance of the Droids in the quest for Galactic peace.

In one of the Star Wars comics, we get an explanation as to how C-3Po loses his arm and gets the funny red one that we see in The Force Awakens.I think that it would be interesting to see in an animated series feature the way in which C-3PO loses his arm and replaces it with the red one in honor of his fallen brother in arms.

I think doing the animation in the style of Clone Wars would be great. It could essentially be an offshoot of that show. It could cover all of the adventures that these two have that we don’t get to see because they are not the focus of Clone Wars.