25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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20. Cassian and K2-SO animated series.

I think this would probably do best as an animated show in the style of Rebels. Despite the fact that Cassian is sort of a severe character, I’d like for this show to be light. I think it would be something that younger kids would enjoy. Cassian Andor has been in the rebellion since he was six years old, so there is obviously a lot of material to work with here.

Plus, we could go back to his childhood on a Separatist world — that’s right, Cassian is of this origins. Knowing what I know of his true colors now, I’m reminded of “heroes on both sides” from the Revenge of the Sith crawl and Clone Wars episode.

Lastly, there are many unspeakable acts that he references in Rogue One that was done for the greater good. Seeing those fold-out will be heart-breaking and add many more layers to Cassian. Let’s not forget about K2, where we can dive into his origins as well, learning more about the Imperials in the process.