25 Star Wars TV shows we really want to see

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19. National Geographic style showing different species/creatures of the Star Wars Universe

This may seem like an impossible feat, but I would love to see some sort of National Geographic type show that walks fans through the different species and animals of the Star Wars universe. Each episode might feature a different planet and in that episode, we’d get the opportunity to learn about the different types of species that inhabit that specific planet.

I’m envisioning a Morgan Freeman voice-over that goes into detail about the various habitats, the habits and customs of the more advanced species, the part each species plays in the planet’s ecosystem, and just generally what they contribute to their world. Or maybe if we’re feeling wild we could opt for Snoop Dog (or is it Snoop Lion, now? I can’t keep up) to do a voice-over like in that hilarious video with the otters.

I personally am incredibly interested in knowing more about those crystallized foxes that show up in The Last Jedi trailer on Crait. They are absolutely beautiful and I’m sure they have a fascinating place in the planet’s ecosystem! And, OF COURSE, there will be an episode that focuses heavily on the adorable new additions to the Star Wars universe: the Porgs!

As a Star Wars fan, it can be hard to remember all of the names of each species that shows up in the canon films, comics, TV shows, and books. This show would be a visual encyclopedia for fans so they could become familiarized with all canon species. I think that would be fantastic!