Does the title Solo: A Star Wars Story do the film justice?

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Ron Howard officially announced the title for the Han Solo standalone — Solo: A Star Wars Story. Does that title do the character and film justice though?

Well, it has finally arrived, the title for the Han Solo film. After we have been kept in the dark by Disney/Lucasfilm, while they were feeding us a steady supply of pictures, trailers, and spoilers for The Last Jedi, we haven’t really been super concerned about the Han Solo standalone film. Ron Howard — director and co-writer for the film — has kept the Falcon from crashing after the firing of former directors Lord and Miller, by supplying us a good dose of images and raw footage from the set. Now that we know that the movie is officially wrapped, the title is “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Here’s the reveal if you’ve been living under a rock the past day or so:

We can now give our opinions on what we think about the title, where I am personally not a fan of it. Compared to other Star Wars films in the past, this is a bit of a letdown.

I would like to say that I speak for a handful of the fans out there that we could have used something a little more substantial than the simplicity of what title they gave us. In the past, the Star Wars movie names that were given to us had more depth and creativity, while this time around, however, I believe they could have done much, much better and here’s why.