Does the title Solo: A Star Wars Story do the film justice?

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Original Trilogy

Episode IV was A New Hope the rebellion needed, as Luke Skywalker grew up and became a Jedi like his father before him. The rebellion got the boost it needed at exactly the right time. Luke was A New Hope for the fight against the Empire, with Leia maybe part of the meaning as well. Did you know that the title was added years later and was originally called just Star Wars?

Episode V was the Empire flexing their muscle with The Empire Strikes Back, showing the rebels how big and deadly they really were. While the Empire was striking back, we got to see more of Luke’s training and eventual temptation at the hands of his father Darth Vader’s first attempt to recruit Luke and overthrow Sidious, so they could rule the galaxy as father and son.

Episode VI was a pivotal moment in the Star Wars timeline, while this title revealed that in spades. Luke had almost completed his training as a Jedi, then had the fight of his life at the feet of Sidious. As Vader saves his son killing his master, Anakin comes back to the light and redeems himself, which is the reference that Return of the Jedi means, a perfect title for the film.