Top Star Wars Halloween costumes for 2017

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Photo Credit: Alex and Molly Damon

Rey Cosplays

Our most popular Star Wars Halloween costume was none other than Rey, surprise surprise. Of all the submissions, Molly Damon receives the honors of most bad-ass Star Wars attire in the galaxy.

If I didn’t know who was behind the Crimson Sith Lord, I would have confused her with Darth Maul himself.

Photo Credit: Alex and Molly Damon

As impressive as that rendition of the infamous Sith Lord is her take on Rey, which was the most creative cosplay I’ve seen around. She takes Rey to the Dark Side of the Force, with those realistic contact lenses being a nice touch, also with the double-bladed lightsaber as an excellent accessory for the scavenger.

Photo Credit: Alex and Molly Damon

Both Molly and her husband Alex (Damon) are two of the coolest and well versed Star Wars experts in the universe. If you want to get schooled within Star Wars lore, check out their Star Wars YouTube channel: Star Wars Explained, who I’ve learned so much about the mysteries of the Force from myself.

If Leland Chee ever had an apprentice, Alex would be the perfect heir apparent to the holocron library. Whether you want a history lesson in Legends, or the more recent canon, this channel is for every single Star Wars fan out there.

Maybe we could do a collaboration one day, combining our holocrons of knowledge together like Ezra and Maul, unlocking the secrets of the Force.

Coming in a close second is this rendition of Darth Malgus. A spitting image of the ancient Sith Lord. I don’t know about you, but this makes me crave a Knights of the Old Republic TV series even more now.

These other variations on Rey take a Lighter approach, with the more familiar vibe of the heroine that we’ve grown accustomed to.