Review: Darth Vader Issue # 7 — The Hunt Begins


After Issue # 6 introduced Darth Vader to the Sith Inquisitors, Issue # 7 give us our first glimpse of Vader’s training methods and the list of Order 66 Survivors.

The Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader (2017) comic run has been nothing short of amazing, diving deep within the Dark Side of the Force.

Vader the Dismember-er!

The early pages of the book show Vader’s utter disdain for the inquisitors.  He seemed very taken aback by the fact that the Emperor had assembled this group of failed and fallen former Jedi trainees to do his bidding.  He sees them as a direct threat to his place by the Emperor’s side.

Vader unleashes his anger on the Sith Inquisitors and shows them the meaning of loss.  He maims most of them, most likely due to his anger in losing his own limbs.  He knows this will fuel them, and help them grow more powerful in the Darkside.

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The scene shifts from the training room, to a command room where Vader and the Grand Inquisitor familiarize themselves with a list of Order 66 survivors, where Jocasta Nu becomes priority number one.

Jocasta Nu who hasn’t found a refuge on a remote planet.  There she completes her work of transferring all the information and knowledge she has acquired into Jedi Holocrons.  This work is paramount if the order is to be rebuilt.

Knowledge is power

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The issue shifts back and forth between Jocasta Nu and Vader.  Vader and the Grand Inquisitor enter the Library/Archives in the Jedi Temple.  The Inquisitor speaks of his hatred of the Jedi Archivist and how she would restrict him from knowledge he desired.   He looks forward to ending her and discovering the secrets of the Jedi and Sith himself.

Working for hours, perhaps days on end, Jocasta Nu finally completes her task of recreating the Jedi Archives.  It is once this task has been completed a task she tell her comrade Gar what her real intentions are.  Jocasta Nu was not merely rebuilding the archive in the event the Jedi Order returns, but instead taking the first step to help expedite that return.  She created a new school to train the next Generation of Jedis.  She will return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant the retrieve a list of force sensitive children.

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The former Jedi Librarian and Archivist is of great importance’s for the Empire.  She’s the only one who can unlock the Secrets in the Jedi Temple’s library. This  would provide both the Sith Lords and the inquisitors a dearth of knowledge in both the light and dark sides of force.  The Archives also hold a secret of great importance to the Emperor who tasks Vader himself to find and bring back Jocasta Nu alive.

More Insights

This is another excellent issue in this run of Vader.  Exploring his growth as a Sith Lord, and his feeling towards the Emperor’s ways.  He still harbors a lot of anger with what he’s been through and this shapes his armor clad early days fully embracing the Dark Side of the Force.

Vader #7 also gives us a look at the differences in what is valued in the Sith and Jedi philosophies.  The Jedi gain power through their knowledge and understanding of the force.  The Sith place their emphasis on a raw emotion like hate, which fuels their prowess as fighters.  Bringing Jocasta Nu’s important role within the Jedi temple to prominence highlights how the Jedi also revered those whose greatest skill was acquiring knowledge.

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Darth Vader (2017) issue # 8 drops November 15, as Vader will seek out the aforementioned Jedi Master. You can pre-order it here and visit to catch up on the many comics that Marvel Star Wars provides!