Spoilers: Footage, full details of Battlefront II story surfaces

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Battlefront II has major Star Wars and The Last Jedi connections, with Iden Versio’s full story mode surfacing. Spoilers ahead.

The closer we get to the Battlefront II release, the harder it is for the lid to stay closed on spoilers for the story mode, featuring Iden Versio.

Those very floodgates have flung wide open, with several significant reveals for this Star Wars canon story. If you don’t want to know anything going into the game, stop reading now.

If you can’t help yourselves like us, continue reading this shocking new details, that include footage of the final scene from Iden’s story arc in Battlefront II. One last warning, major spoilers ahead.

The best place to start is from the beginning, with Iden Versio’s fantastic character arc within Star Wars.

If you haven’t read Battlefront II: Inferno squad, you can catch up on here full origins here.

Now that you are entirely up to speed, hang onto to your hats and glasses, this is going to be bumpy, yet fun ride, with StarWarsLeaks subreddit providing us with these juicy tidbits.

After the Destruction of the DS II, the Inferno Squad regroup and escape. Iden learns of Operation: Cinder and that it targets her planet, Vardos. After that, she defects along with Del Meeko and joins the Rebellion while Hask stays.

They both participate in the battle of Jakku, and that seems the end of that. Del meets Luke Skywalker and becomes a member of the Church of the Force cult and hooks up with Iden Versio. He becomes a father.

Skip years later, and Iden ends up searching for Del: Kylo Ren captured and interrogated him with the help of Gideon Hask, who joined the First Order after Rebel insurgents pretty much took over the galaxy.

Kylo mind-assaults Del To find the location of Skywalker and this leads Kylo locating Lor San Tekka (the old man at the start of Force Awakens).

Hask kills Del and orders his body to be buried with the crew of the Corvus, presumably to set a trap for Iden Versio. The story ends here.