Thrawn will have his very own Star Wars Marvel Comic


Thrawn, everyone’s favorite Imperial Officer from Star Wars Legacy continues to get new canon love, courtesy of a Six Issue Marvel Star Wars Comics mini-series.

We were introduced to Grand Admiral Thrawn as he took on the New Republic in the Timothy Zahn authored “Thrawn” Trilogy via Star Wars Legends.

Recently we’ve been given some new canon action, courtesy of Zahn’s two new novels and the Chiss’ appearances in Star Wars Rebels.

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

Courtesy of Lucasfilm’s Comic division at Star Wars Marvel, starting February 7, 2018, the new six issue mini-series surrounding the Grand Admiral’s humble begins. The comic mini-series will cover Thrawn’s rise within the empire.

From the preview panels available at it appears his start with the Empire is rather auspicious.

Some Preview Panels from the upcoming comic

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

The six-issue story arc will be written by Jody Houser who adapted Rogue One to comic form and will be illustrated by Luke Ross who has worked on the Star Wars: Darth Maul mini-series as well as The Force Awakens adaptation.

The series will be an adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s new canon Thrawn novel. This isn’t the first time Zahn’s character has been adapted into comic book form. Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy was previously adapted for Dark Horse Comics as is a part of the Star Wars Legends.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Marvel editor Heather Antos has pushed for Thrawn from the moment Star Wars was reacquired by Marvel. Anton believes his appeal is unlike most of the villains in the series who often use their physical or Force skills, Thrawn is a master strategist. He uses his superior intellect to stay steps ahead of his adversary and manipulate them to act in the way he wants.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

Star Wars = Great Villains

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If there’s anything we’ve learned from Star Wars, it’s that the public loves a great villain. From Darth Vader to Kylo Ren, Star Wars has always been deeply rooted in its villains. The new Thrawn mini-series will give comic readers a glimpse into another great Star Wars Villain.