Star Wars Battlefront II: Dork Side full review

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After a couple of days toiling around with EA’s new rendition, Star Wars Battlefront II, here are my likes, dislikes and general impression of the game.

What we like about Battlefront II

Let me start first by saying Star Wars Battlefront II is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I did not think they could improve on the graphics of the first installment, but they seem to have done it.

The game makes you feel like you’re in this universe, and that above everything else makes the game worth a play.

Battlefront II features a campaign mode that the first EA rendition of Battlefront sorely lacked. The campaign mode features a new canon story that takes place after the Battle of Endor.

The story feels immersive, and the gameplay in campaign mode feels like it’s designed to help you feel out the controls for the game.

You end up using a variety of weapons and play as a variety of heroes giving you a complete feel for every aspect of the game. After finishing campaign mode, you’ll know what your favorite blaster is and who’s your favorite hero to use when you dive into the multiplayer.

Are you ready to go full-throttle into Star Wars Battlefront II and all of its features? Game on!