Star Wars Battlefront II: Dork Side full review

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The problem with Campaign Mode

The only drawbacks to the campaign mode are its short length and a story that feels like it’s rushed. Most of the main character Iden Versio’s interactions with saga characters feel wedges into the story.

Many of the levels you play as a saga character often have nothing or very little to do with Iden Versio. Although the gameplay of the campaign mode works as a great way to assimilate into the game, the actual story sometimes feels like it was an afterthought.

The Arcade mode is similar to the co-op mode offered in the previous installment. It’s also a great place to practice before venturing into multiplayer. In Arcade mode you’re able to get a great feel for the different trooper classes and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

One of the great aspect so of the game is the expansive roster of Saga characters that can be used as heroes. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses which require a bit of mastering to appreciate fully. If you’ve played Battlefront before, the characters are easy enough to master but can give some difficulties to novices if the game.

What we didn’t like

Now, this whole-heartedly might just be me, but the Starship dogfights seem much more difficult this time around. I could just be rusty, yet I still It’s more difficult to control the ships this time around. The previous installment felt much more intuitive in this regard. Make sure you get some practice in before jumping into a multiplayer.