Star Wars Battlefront II: Dork Side full review

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What We Hated!

The In-game progression system is terrible. Now, this was obviously a concerted effort by EA to gain Micro-Transactions. Recently the pay-to-win system has been suspended, but this is an aspect that has all fans of this series furious.

If you purchased the previous installment and the DLC you honestly felt you didn’t get your money’s worth. This new installment still kind of misses the mark.

EA didn’t make good on the promises they made after all the backlash they received from their first installment of Battlefront.

We still haven’t gotten the complete game we crave. For the best in-game experience with the current edition, you’d have to spend two weeks playing the game 12-14 hours a day to unlock a good portion of the game’s goods.

There is a new Crate and Star Card system that are great in theory. Earning credits via gameplay to buy new goods seems like a reward for the hours you put in.

Then you realize the tiny amount of credit you earn per-mission, and you just get angry.

Adding to the frustration is purchasing a hard-earned crate only to get a pose for a trooper class. Much like the poses from the first installment, it’s pretty lame.

Watching a trooper act out a lame pose with matching phrase is another’s area where EA doesn’t get it.