Star Wars: Ranking all of the Lightsaber duels

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Which lightsaber duels reign supreme in the galaxy?

With the highly anticipated arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi returning viewers into a galaxy far, far away in less than one month, there are many reasons the prospect of a new Star Wars film fills fans with excitement.

Of course, there are the many questions that have been floating around since Star Wars: The Force Awakens world premiere, such as Rey’s origin story or whether Kylo Ren will even turn his back to the Dark Side.

More recently, fans have begun speculating as to where Luke’s loyalty lies on the spectrum of the Force. Regardless of these mysteries that may or may not be answered next month, one simple aspect of Star Wars everyone loves and can look forward to in The Last Jedi is new lightsaber duels.

From the double-bladed Sith blade of Darth Maul to the glowing green blade of Luke Skywalker himself, both the Light and the Dark Side represent in full “Force.”

Even though Star Wars is known for more than just epic lightsaber duels and amazing graphics, watching two glowing blades clash bring excitement like nothing else.

To help with the long wait until December 15, a day which will hopefully include the return of the myth himself, Luke Skywalker, I will rank all twelve lightsaber duels from the previous films in the Star Wars saga.