Star Wars: Ranking all of the Lightsaber duels

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Mace Windu vs. Darth Sidious (Revenge of the Sith)

While this lightsaber duel may be ranked last on my list, I feel it is important to note this was in no way a poor duel. The main reason it found itself at the bottom of my list is due to its seemingly short length.

Even though it was enjoyable to see Chancellor Palpatine finally reveal himself to the Jedi as the mysterious Sith Lord and fans were finally able to see Mace Windu partake in a lightsaber duel, it did not last as long as it deserved.

The most notable aspect of the duel that felt far too rushed was the initial stages of the fight in which Palpatine very quickly, and nearly unrealistically, cut down the accompanying Jedi alongside Mace Windu. These are supposed to be professionally trained and fully prepared Jedi Knights, yet Palpatine struck all of them down with ease as if they were unarmed and had no intention of protecting themselves.

One aspect of Star Wars that had previously been in question since the original trilogy was the reasoning behind the Emperor’s disfigured face. The origin of Palpatine’s disfigurement was revealed in this duel, yet it did not necessarily make the most sense.

As Palpatine attempted to use his force lightning on Mace Windu, Windu deflected the bolt with his lightsaber right at Palpatine’s face. Instead of stopping Palpatine continued to try and electrocute Windu, in turn electrocuting himself and somehow “melting” his own face.

Despite this, the moment in which Palpatine finally seduces Anakin fully to the Dark Side once he kills Mace Windu makes up for all its previous flaws.