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Aftermath trilogy (novels) by Chuck Wendig

Taking place immediately after the events of Shattered Empire, this trilogy is a must for those wanting a deeper understanding of The Last Jedi. 

Within its pages, you will discover the possible origins of the Knights of Ren. The Battle of Jakku, which ended the horrific Galactic civil war, with its lingering effects present 30 thirty years later.

We also learn that Emperor Palpatine had a backup plan, one that ended in the Empire’s full destruction upon his death. Snoke even may have been calling out to Palpatine through the Force, which raises more questions than answers.

Snap Wexley is introduced, the recon-pilot who discovers the whereabouts of Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens. Wedge Antilles also makes an appearance, and we possibly learn why he was not present during the sequel era.

The Church of the Force makes an appearance, the very religious group connected with Lor San Tekka, the man whom Kylo Ren strikes down at the beginning of The Force Awakens. 

The Dark Side of the Force is represented well in this story, hinting a bit of what we will see in The Last Jedi. 

Lastly, Aftermath also connects all of the dots between all three eras, enriching the cohesiveness of the canon timeline.