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Phasma (novel) Delilah S. Dawson

Era: Set approximately 10 years – months before The Force Awakens

Phasma was not always part of the First Order, or the Empire before it. Some Star Wars fans were disappointed at the use of her in The Force Awakens, calling her a waste — with the one exception being her nifty collectible action figure.

The novel does her (more) than justice, revealing how much of a bad ass she is. Her motives are self-serving, explaining why she lowered the shield on Starkiller Base.

General Hux makes an appearance too, where the novel shows how Phasma and he developed a tight-knit relationship. It’s one that The Last Jedi should flush out even more.

Phasma (comic)

Era: Immediately after the events of The Force Awakens. 

The Phasma comic shows how she escapes the trash compactor, the one that Finn and Solo most graciously threw her into its depths.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The comic story arc tie in well to the novel, where we learn more of her agenda, hinting that she may even betray the First Order if it proves the hinder those very efforts.

Phasma is also one of the greatest non-Force wielding warriors in Star Wars history, shown throughout the novel and comic. When she meets with her former student, Finn, in The Last Jedi, it is sure to deliver the goods.

The former Stormtrooper better pray for some divine intervention, or, he will end up in another painful coma.