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Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (novel) Christie Golden

Era: Starting immediately following A New Hope – to the beginning of the Battle of Endor, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad delivers a perspective from the Empire’s elite.

Iden Versio, the Commander of Inferno Squad, is one who has skills like non-other. During the Battle of Yavin, she even executes more confirmed kills in the air than Darth Vader. Impressive. Most impressive.

We follow this story mainly in her boots, learning much about this complex character. Even though Iden is trained to carry out her duty at all costs, she does carry a code of honor with her, one that takes her down a much different path later on.

Another character stands out in this story, which is Del, a soldier well versed with the technical aspect of things.

Throughout the novel, you have the suspicion that the two are destined to eventually fall in love, which they ultimately do in the story for Battlefront II.

In fact, the two may very well be connected to a scavenger who hails from the distant world of Jakku.

Yes, the scavenger who is known to us as Rey.