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Bleeding a lightsaber crystal 

The potential for Dark Side awesomeness in The Last Jedi is very possible, with some foreshadowing in this Darth Vader comic run.

Unlike Legends, where Dark Side lightsaber crystals were synthetic, the process in the canon is much different — and cooler.

Darth Vader pours all of his anger, hatred, pain, suffering, and passion into the lightsaber crystal of a Jedi he had slain, bleeding the Light-Sided crystal in the process.

Bleeding (corruption) of the Light Side organism could be in The Last Jedi, with Kylo Ren — or should I dare say it, Rey. The possibilities of how this could go down just make my geek heart sing. What if Kylo Ren already bled the crystal of a Jedi he destroyed?

In The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, Kylo Ren’s known as the “Jedi killer.” The ashes where he sets down his helmet, during the interrogation of Rey, are the ashes of Jedi he slew. What if his current lightsaber crystal was taken from the weapon of one his former comrades?

Or, what if it’s from the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker himself. You know, the glorious green-bladed one from Return of the Jedi. 

What if Kylo Ren ends up taking his grandfather’s blade — the one Rey defeats him during The Force Awakens — and corrupts it?

The Last Jedi has the chance to display intense Dark Side training on-screen like never before. Snoke is something sinister, and we cannot wait to see how deep his Dark Side abilities run.