(Video) Rey goes Dark Side in new The Last Jedi TV spot


Hold onto your lightsaber, folks. Rey has gone to the Dark Side in this all-new Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV spot…

There have been many Star Wars: The Last Jedi teasers and television spots in the past couple of months, but there has been nothing like this, yet. The all-new TV spot shared on the official Star Wars Facebook page shows Poe doing some nifty flying accompanied by the usual voice-overs, but the end is where the money shot is. Check it out:

While Poe’s amazing skill in an X-Wing is something to get excited about, and of course, Finn’s clash with Captain Phasma is a highly anticipated event, and getting a glimpse of the executioner First Order stormtrooper is neat, this teaser delivered something far more enticing.

The one scene to write home to mom about is Rey force pulling Kylo Ren’s lightsaber to her open hand, and igniting it, as our jaws drop to the floor.

Rey is in Supreme Leader Snoke’s throne room in the above shot, and it seems like the Praetorian Guards are fighting alongside her…but how can that be?

Will Rey turn to the Dark Side of the Force in The Last Jedi? We know from other trailers/teasers/TV spots that Rey will at some point be tortured by Snoke. But to what end? Is Snoke attempting to force Rey into joining the Dark Side, or is he up to something far more nefarious?

Think about this: Snoke is a visibly ancient being, he’s scarred beyond recognition, and he looks like a feeble old man. Could Snoke have the power to inhabit another’s body?

Is Snoke’s ultimate plan to train someone who is strong in the Force, turn them to the Dark Side, then transfer his essence into that person’s body? It’s happened in Star Wars Legends stories with Emperor Palpatine, so it’s not unheard of.

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This is certainly something to think about as we hit the eight-day mark until the worldwide premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15. Let’s just hope Rey doesn’t succumb to the lure of the Dark Side when that happens.