Spoilers: The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary has leaked

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He is, you know, kind of a big deal. Finn’s heroics and fame have spread throughout the galaxy, garnering much-unwanted attention in the process.

  • During the evacuation of the Resistance from D’Qar, Finn’s immersed in a bacta suit, with the medical staff placing the former Stormtrooper into a medically induced coma
  • He and the rest of the Resistance are aboard the flagship called the Raddus — named after the heroic Mon Cali from the film Rogue One
  • Finn has just one thing on his mind… Rey
  • He still wears the jacket given to him by its former master Poe Dameron, who patches it up from Kylo Ren’s lightsaber handiwork
  •  Not much new is said about Phasma, meaning Finn could defeat her during their battle royal
  • After an undercover mission, Finn rejoins Poe on Crait, after the Resistance is bombarded by the First Order


Leia has given Poe a promotion of sorts, apparently grooming him for something much more substantial. However, Poe does not agree with the style of Admiral Holdo, so he begins conspiring against her.

  • He is quickly demoted by Leia, for disobeying the orders of Holdo
  • Poe wears the wedding ring of his deceased mother — Shara Bey — as a necklace, hoping to one day give it to the love of his life, wherever in the galaxy such person might be

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm


Speaking of Leia, General Organa is desperate to see her brother, Luke Skywalker, where she has direct communication with Rey via a homing beacon.

  • Leia is severely injured when the Raddus comes under attack by the First Order
  • Kylo Ren hesitates, and one of his wingmen pulls the trigger, injuring Leia
  • The Resistance starts to fall apart from within during her absence
  • Unlike the Rebellion before her, she has a bad feeling about the Resistance’s chances this time around