5 questions we have after Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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How will Leia’s character officially be sent off?

Throughout the days and weeks leading up to The Last Jedi, we were told that Leia’s sendoff would be epic and worthy of her character.

We first see the potential end, as Kylo Ren begins the assault on Leia’s cruiser, where we look at her blown out into space, but since it wasn’t by Kylo Ren, she deserves a more proper ending.

As the movie came to an end and we see space shuttles getting blown out of the sky, we were thinking, maybe this could be where we see that very send off. But, that ending wouldn’t be justifiable for the end of Princess Leia either.

How is Disney/Lucasfilm going to bring an end to the Princess? Will her send-off be on the big screen or will we see her story arc come to a close in a book, novel, or even the opening crawl of Episode IX?

Now, there is going to be a year and a half of dead space between movies where gaps need to be filled, so hopefully, the Lucasfilm story group has a master plan. We all are owed a proper retirement, of sorts, to Leia.

Since Carrie Fisher passed away before they had started the filming process for the unnamed film of Episode IX, its unlikely Lucasfilm has much footage to use.

The likely venue will be a novel which focuses on her death and how it will impact the Resistance — now Rebels again.

Are we going to see a sacrificial death to protect the Resistance? Will it be Kylo that kills her, or something else?