5 questions we have after Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Let’s go, Chromedome

Could Finn’s arch nemesis: Captain Phasma, still be alive? After the duel, Finn left her helmet broken and exposed but was that fall enough to kill her? Highly unlikely.

Phasma was given, through her book and comics, the persona of a chew through steel kind of woman, showcasing her pure grit and determination to get things done. It’s what motivates and drives the Captain of the First Order of army.

With armor constructed from Emperor Palpatine’s former yacht, which can deflect blaster bolts with ease.

Also, with the backstory of the “becoming” of Phasma, it’s unlikely that a fall is going to be what does her in. Just like any other thing regarding Star Wars, until we receive official confirmation, we cannot believe anything we see.

Phasma has an origin story much like Tarkin, being brought up on a backwater planet, forced to survive in harsh environments. She has to become more than just a Captain in the First Order. Even Tarkin was better than that; he climbed the ranks to Grand Moff. Grand Moff Phasma has a nice ring to it.

Seeing her come back from this “certain” death, climbing the ranks of the First Order, continuing to be the equal to Finn in the Resistance, would be worthwhile, setting up a rematch.

Do you think Phasma survived that fall, or did she succumb to the injuries and fire and die? Will we ever see “Chromedome” again?