Star Wars: The Last Jedi displays parallels to the past

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Apprenticeship is not for the faint of heart.

The Master/Apprentice relationship no Star Wars has always been somewhat abusive.  It is especially abusive with the Sith, but it is also present with the Jedi. Rosie Knight from Nerdist does a great job looking at the toxic relationships presented in an article you can read here:

Luke’s handling of Rey in The Last Jedi Temple is reminiscent of his own training at the hands of Yoda. He’s reluctant to train Luke at first and puts him through the ringer.

He, of course, does all this while not divulging that Vader is his father.

Being trained to confront and possibly kill your own father without knowing it, it’s very dark if you think of it.

Both Rey and Kylo break the student/Master relationship due to the bound they form. A bond that Kylo Ren breaks when he shows Rey just how far down the path of the Darkside he’s gone. Rey will not travel the same road; she does not have the same demons lurking within her.