The Last Jedi had the very best Han Solo Easter Egg ever and you never knew it was there


While Han Solo’s legacy lived on in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it appears as if this secreted Easter Egg is the absolute best of the bunch…

Han Solo’s death in 2015’s The Force Awakens was most certainly the biggest and most heartwrenching death in the Star Wars franchise since Vader tossed Palpatine down the Death Star reactor core (R.I.P. bossman) in Return of the Jedi, and his absence in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was certainly felt. Thankfully, director Rian Johnson paid homage to the smuggler with a heart of gold, with several comments and Easter Eggs.

From “See ya around kid,” to his golden dice, all the way to C-3PO spouting odds to Poe Dameron, Han’s legacy lived on, in The Last Jedi, but there was another Easter Egg cleverly hidden in the very beginning of the film, and it is probably the best one of them all.

It seems a message on one of the bombs dropped on the First Order ship in the opening salvo, had a special message.

That’s right folks, the Resistance bombs had little messages scribbled all over them, and one, in particular, said: “HAN SAYS HI!”Excuse me while I fall in love with Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi all over again. This is the perfect way to pay homage to a character as badass as Han Solo.

The photo is from The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary which you can pick up now at your local bookstore or online.

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After his death at the hands of his own son, and with his very own standalone film hitting theaters in just six months, this is the absolute best way to remind everyone that Han Solo more than earned his spot in the pantheon of all-time most beloved Star Wars characters.