Why Star Wars itself says you’re wrong about The Last Jedi

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

For those of you hating on The Last Jedi because it’s not a typical  “Star Wars” film, well, the saga itself has a few things to say about that certain point of view.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is killing it at the box office. I enjoyed Episode VIII very much so. As with every movie, The Last Jedi has faults – risks that didn’t work out or pay off particularly well among some Star Wars fans. I’m still hopeful Rey is related to someone important. However, some of the criticism thrown at The Last Jedi is unfounded – worse yet, some of the criticisms have existed in Star Wars for as long as Star Wars has existed itself.

Sure, the time we spent on Canto Bight with those magic horse things (they’re called Fathiers, by the way) felt more Harry Potter than it did Star Wars. That’s why this list isn’t here to tell you there is nothing wrong with the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise.

It is, however, here to tell you that even Star Wars itself thinks you’re wrong about most of the things wrong with The Last Jedi. Without further ado here are three issues with The Last Jedi and why they’re not issues at all.

The opening sequence in The Last Jedi is intense. The Resistance is desperately trying to escape their base on D’Qar while the First Order arrives to blockade the planet. We can feel Lt. Connix’s heart sink when she sees First Order Star Destroyers exit hyperspace right above D’Qar, essentially trapping the Resistance.