We dissect the Star Wars Rebels final trailer in our screencap breakdown

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Star Wars Rebels is the journey of Ezra Bridger

"Ezra: I’ve learned so much. About life, about being a good person. If not for you guys, I’d be back on Lothal just waiting to be rescued like everyone else."

The focus is now entirely on Ezra Bridger, the main hero from the beginning of Rebels. The series is viewed through his lens, so no better way to close it out than with the story’s main protagonist. Each of these first narrations is from episodes long gone, but they hint at the clouded future if you listen carefully.

"Kanan: Ezra, you have never been like everyone else."

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Ezra Bridger is unique, not only strong with the Force, but possessing the true spirit of a Jedi. Kanan’s reluctance in training Ezra was due to that very truth.

"Ezra: What exactly am I looking for?"

One of the epic moments of the series is when Kanan takes Ezra on a journey for his first kyber crystal. It’s more than just constructing a lightsaber or the next step in becoming a Jedi Knight. That crystal becomes one with its new Master — a living symbiotic bond.

"Kanan: Nothing and everything. Trust yourself. Trust the Force."

Moving forward, Ezra is going to have to trust his feelings and the Force, with this statement hinting that Kanan will be gone, unable to guide the young Jedi Padawan during the final leg of his Jedi training.

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"“Ezra: I could see what they were thinking.”"

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"Kanan: You must have established a deep connection with it. The Force is trying to tell you something, listen to it."

Ezra’s Force abilities are unique, with the gift of connecting to all living beings deeply. This trend will continue in the final episodes, especially with the Loth-wolves, the convor, and possibly new Star Wars creatures.

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"Hera: We have hope, hope that things will get better. And they will."

From a certain point of view that statement is true, but, for the Ghost crew, things are about to get worse. Much worse.

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"Ezra: Is it wrong for me to protect my friends?"

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With Kanan likely gone, he will have to decide on his own how will protect his friends. Will he choose the path of the Jedi — using his power for knowledge and defense? Or, will he embrace the Dark Side — passion, aggression, and killing?

"Yoda: How Jedi choose to win, the question is."

Ironically, we next see an image of Anakin Skywalker, who we know chose the path of the Dark Side. Is this hinting that Ezra will do the same thing?

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"Ezra: We are Rebels, fighting for the people. It won’t be easy. We can’t back down just because we’re afraid. That’s when we need to stand the tallest."

Things are about to get tough for the Rebels and Ghost crew, so Ezra will lead them, standing tall as their new leader, perhaps. He will have to choose between the Dark Side or the Light. No more middle ground for Ezra Bridger. Or, will he come to learn of true balance, like the Bendu?