Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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The mighty Kylo Ren

"Where’s Han?"

Following Luke’s inquiry, the scene then shifts to Kylo Ren, answering that very question in the process. General Hux is grinning from ear to ear when he walks by Kylo Ren upon his departure from Snoke’s throne room, where he knows that Kylo Ren is about to be disciplined.

Since the inception of the First Order, Snoke has purposely initiated a rift between the two young men. When Snoke is describing Hux to his apprentice — on why he keeps someone like the General in such a place of power — he’s no doubt mocking Kylo Ren as well.

The throne room has an Emperor Palpatine-like vibe by design, with the First Order “rising from the ashes of the Empire. Snoke continues to use the structure of the Empire, making his improvements in the process.

Like Palpatine, he too has crimson guards, but are new and improved variations of the former Emperor’s Red Robed version. A total of eight soldiers make up the Praetorian Guards — with four sets of identical pairs. The origins of these elite remain a mystery, with the motto of “what’s past is future.”

Without hesitation, the Praetorian Guards will destroy any who threaten the Supreme Leader — unless he gives the command to refrain. You may have noticed a few alien servants hanging out in the throne room, as well. These mute navigators, along with Grand Admiral Thrawn, were responsible for the hyperspace routes which led the fleeing Imperial remnant to Snoke within the Unknown Regions.