Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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The Last Jedi dives into the mysteries of the Force

We then journey back to Ahch-To, where deep and emotional scenes with Rey and Luke Skywalker take place.

"You think I’m gonna walk out with a laser sword and take down the whole First Order?”."

“Laser sword” is a reference to Episode I: The Phantom Menace, when a young Anakin Skywalker calls a lightsaber that very thing. Also, that statement by Luke is foreshadowing, because he does, in fact, end up facing the entire First Order, from a certain point of view.

Rey discovers the Jedi Temple, stumbling upon the ancient Jedi texts. With Holocrons containing Jedi knowledge in the modern Star Wars era, paper material is a rarity.  The tree holding what’s left of the Jedi religion are called “Uneti trees,” which have a strong connection to the Force.

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Chirrut Imwe’s fighting staff was made of the same Uneti material.

Luke’s inquiry of who Rey is again revealing her identity, of being truly from nowhere.

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For the very first time in a live-action Star Wars film, The Last Jedi shows the symbol of the Jedi Order, which we also see in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Luke informs Rey that she needs a teacher, showing the competing influences on Rey, with Kylo Ren telling her the same thing during their final battle in The Force Awakens.