Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Rey begins the Jedi training

We then meet Rey practicing her excellent skills with the staff, but she realizes “hey, I’ve got the Skywalker lightsaber.” Rey’s theme plays, telling the audience she’s in her natural element once again.

Luke watches from a distance, no doubt recognizing her skills and tremendous power. Luke then begins Rey’s first lesson — teaching her that duality exists within the Force. Both powerful Light and powerful Dark are required to keep the balance. Luke’s discovered the Jedi aren’t the only ones who should have control of the Force within the galaxy.

An example of that is shown on the floor of the temple in a mosaic design, where you see an image of the Prime Jedi image, the very first Jedi who discovered ultimate balance within the Force. Luke says that the Jedi allowed the Force to fall out of balance, which leads to their destruction.

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Luke mentions Darth Sidious by name and not by his official title Emperor Palpatine. During his travels, Luke must have discovered everything about the Sith and their history. That name Sidious was only known to a select few.

Just like Yoda did to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke similarly teases Rey in The Last Jedi. 

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The Force leads Rey to a Dark Side cave, much the like the cave on Dagobah. Her first entrance into is through the Force, which terrifies Luke in the process. She goes straight to the Dark, much like he did during his cave experience. She fails there like Luke did during his initial training with Yoda.

The Dark Side is the quick and easy path but often fails to deliver the answers one is seeking. Rey’s cave experience gives her no answers on her parents, while Luke’s leaves him unsatisfied as well.