Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Cobalt Squadron

Paige Tico single-handedly saves the Resistance with heroics during the Battle of D’Qar. Both Paige and her sister Rose serve as part of the Resistance bombing squadron “Cobalt Squadron.” The sisters occasionally serve together on the vessel, but Rose was tasked to the Raddus at the time of their escape from D’Qar.

Paige and Rose share halves a medallion from their homeworld of Hays Minor in the Otomok system — which was ransacked and taken over by First Order forces, leading the duo to the Resistance. The keepsake is made of pure Hausian smelt (we’ve heard it’s the best conductor) which is a good luck charm for Paige, whose become superstitious with many close calls in battle.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Kind of a big deal

We then meet Finn — who’s kind of a big deal in the Resistance. On his monitor in Aurebesh, it reads stable, which is a step up from where we last found him at the conclusion of The Force Awakens. He suffers a lightsaber wound to his shoulder, as well as across his spine, but held his own against the mighty Kylo Ren.

His friend, Poe Dameron stitches up the hole left in the jacket from such encounter, which is ready for him to wear once he awakens. Before that, the suit Finn dons is called Flexpoly bacta suit. When Finn comes to, he initially believes he’s on Starkiller base.

Finn’s first words are “Rey,” where he’s concerned about his friend’s well-being. When Poe finds Finn staggering down the hall of the Raddus, he asks him, “You must have a thousand questions.” Finn utters “where’s Rey,” in response.

The same rings true for the audience, where we all have many questions for The Last Jedi, but all we want to know at that moment is what’s going to happen when Rey first encounters Luke Skywalker.