Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Ahch-To wildlife and island history

Luke was not alone in the isolated world of Ahch-To, which is more populated than we initially believed. Porgs. Porgs. And more porgs. Rian Johnson brilliantly used these adorable bird-like creatures. At crucial times during The Last Jedi, they provided comic relief when the film needed balance from all of the darkness rising.

However, the Porgs weren’t created solely for a cash grab by Disney/Lucasfilm, but out of necessity. Apparently, on Skellig Michael in Ireland where scenes for Ahch-To were filmed, native island birds known as puffins overwhelmed the filming crew. The task of editing out these puffins would’ve been a daunting task for The Last Jedi, so Rian Johnson decided to keep them in the movie, of sorts.

This decision ended paying off royally, for both toy sales and The Last Jedi, with the Porgs stealing the show. A prime example was when a Porg nearly ignites the Skywalker lightsaber nearly destroying one of his counterparts. It’s likely that it’s poking fun at young Luke Skywalker when he points it at his face during A New Hope. 

The Caretakers are on the island are called Lanais. Currently, on Ahch-To, they are all female, but, monthly males pay a visit to — well, you know. They are also gifted musically, with a passion for playing percussion-based songs. The Lanai’s have graced their presence on the island for over one thousand years, with their primary duty in upcoming the Jedi structures.

When Rey damages their structures, it makes sense on why they are filled with sorrow and contempt for the young Jedi.

"Rey: “I dont think they like me.” Luke: “I can’t imagine why.”"

Chewbacca shows no restraint with Lukes door and could care less about these ancient structures. When Luke asks “where’s Han,” it displays that he has completely cut himself off from the Force, unaware of Han’s death or the destruction of the Republic by the Super Weapon of the First Order.