Star Wars teaches us about mental health conditions

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Obi-Wan, Poe, and Jar-Jar may have ADHD

Having ADHD myself, some of the signs can be seen.

For instance, compared to the other characters, Poe is the most hyperactive and has the most charisma. He is definitely one of the brightest but can be quite absent-minded, even when he doesn’t mean to be, absent minded-ness is a symptom of ADHD.

Jar-Jar makes careless mistakes, but half the time he doesn’t realize it. His attention span to important things is poor, like when he got his hand stuck in a turbine which could have killed him. People with ADHD tend to act either impulsively or without thinking straight.

Star Wars fans list reasons to why Obi-Wan has ADHD or what could have caused it. Tumblr user ‘punsbulletsandpointythings’ created a list of a few things they think Obi-Wan does that relates to him having ADHD, here’s an example:

"“Obi-Wan going through days where he has the energy to take on Grievous and Dooku together, and then the next day hiding behind strained smiles and a ramrod straight back, hands curled behind his back and nails biting into his palms because he simply has no emotional energy that day.”"

Aside from ADHD, some think Obi-Wan developed major depression as he got older, which would be understandable if he did. Either way, mental health probably could have affected Obi-Wan in some way.

A few fans also speculate that Princess Leia could have had ADHD too, though there is not a lot of solid evidence to support that.