Star Wars teaches us about mental health conditions

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Rey: Autistic?

The internet seems to think so. She has a different personality compared to others. Even so, she does show some characteristics that I can see (I’m autistic too).

For example, one very vague ‘characteristic’ that is given to autistic people is that they have difficulty forming relationships. This can come in all different forms. In Rey’s case, the only bonds she forms mainly relate to survival. It’s clever because then she won’t have to deal with small talk, awkward silences and being lost for words, literally.

Others include her repetition of the phrase “I can handle myself”. She says it numerous times in different occasions, and while the other person is very aware of this she still feels the need to say it, like when Han offers her a weapon when she said she wants to return to Jakku.

Yes, Rey, you can defend yourself. (Credit to hyperlink)

She also displays echolalia in the scene where Kylo kidnaps her. When she finds that 2 people actually came to look for her, she’s overcome with all sorts of emotions. Rey didn’t think someone actually cared enough to find her and to make sure she’s safe. She’s never had many people in her life so this will feel overwhelming for her. She doesn’t directly say this so uses Chewie as a “tell-them-how-i-feel-translator”.

There are debates on pages like Tumblr and Quora about Rey being autistic. Others say Finn could be on the spectrum too.