Star Wars Rebels: 4 theories that could determine the final season

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Four theories that could determine the final season of Star Wars Rebels — we are going down the final stretch, full-throttle!

With the second half of Star Wars Rebels Season 4 around the corner, there’s so much we want to see beckon from the last episodes. But what’s going to happen? That’s what the Star Wars fandom is for, isn’t it? Social media has gone all out, discussing and sharing several different types of theories of what could potentially happen in the last episodes.

It’s a sad time for the fandom since the show was loved by many — but through that many creative theories have been conducted. Below are just a few of those:

1. Grand Admiral Thrawn – Will he survive?

Credit: SuperHeroHype

One of the big theories revolves around whether Thrawn will survive or not. Why? Well, a lot of the characters’ fates seem pretty clear, except that of Thrawn. Because of this, several predictions of what will happen to him are predicted, and it can go one of two ways. He lives, or he dies — it’s as simple as that fact.

Evidence for him surviving includes:

The supervising director of the show, Dave Filoni mentioning that Thrawn outlives Rogue One’s Galen Erso, which takes place after where Rebels is concluding at. He’s also the one who led the empire to Snoke via hyperspace routes.

Evidence of his death includes:

Rukh was the one who betrayed and murdered Thrawn in Legends; it would make sense if they brought Rukh into the show for this purpose in the final episodes. Thrawn’s also not seen anywhere in the Original trilogy.

"“It’s Hera who’s his true foe, and with Sato having sacrificed himself during the last major ship-to-ship assault, Thrawn has only one main Rebel threat to overcome. Aaaaaand, since Hera is is going to make it, that means Thrawn’s getting defeated big time.” – Nerdist"

There are several more points on each side, but no matter what happens, seeing his fate roll out in front of us is going to be a surprise worth waiting for — where you can read the rest of the article on this theory here.