Star Wars Rebels: 4 theories that could determine the final season

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2. Is Ezra (AKA the new Son?) turning to the dark side?

Lots of fans on social media have been speculating this. They claim if he does become a Sith it can tie into the rest of the saga that happens in the movies. It could explain why Palpatine is so interested in him. He’s also been intimidated by people like the Inquisitor, thus becoming a Sith could be what Ezra is destined for.

He could even be used to take Vader’s place. Executive producer Dave Filoni talked about going down a nostalgic route. If we look at the original storyline in the comics, the young Jedi stood face-to-face with Darth Vader, and the Palpatine tries to brainwash them into giving into the hatred and loathing that Vader gave into. The Emperor also tried the same with Luke Skywalker.

Could this be a nostalgic twist on this story-line in the finale then? Considering the Palpatine shows particular interest only to Ezra, quite possibly.

There are other theories too. One states that Ezra will take the place of the Son in the Mortis family, due to similar characteristics shared and set the events for A New Hope. With this theory, some fans claim Ahsoka to replace the Daughter. The reasoning is in this twitter thread here:

Ezra dear, you have one craaaazy ending awaiting you.